Already sales of the Hogwarts Legacy box set have surpassed a major milestone for the Elden Ring

Rowling is the author of the Hogwarts Legacy series and the creator of the Wizarding World universe, which serves as the basis for the series

J. K. Rowling is the author of the Hogwarts Legacy series and the creator of the Wizarding World universe, which serves as the basis for the series. By visiting this website, you will be able to gather more information regarding Rowling's long history of transphobic remarks and locate resources to support LGBTQ organizations. You can also learn more about Rowling's books by reading more about them. In February of 2022, Elden Ring was introduced to the general public for the very first time. Almost immediately after its release, the product was met with acclaim and achieved remarkable levels of commercial success. The achievements of that game continued into the year 2023; however, a new challenger for Elden Ring's throne has recently materialized out of thin air to take its place as the undisputed champion. The competitor in question is obviously Hogwarts Legacy, which has already accomplished a lot and has done so in a way that is shockingly impressive. The week before last, both the Early Access version and the regular version of Hogwarts Legacy were made available for purchase and download. Neither version was free. Although we do not have exact sales numbers available at this time, sites such as GamesIndustry.

biz indicate that the game most likely sold enough physical copies to fill the Hogwarts dining hall. Despite the fact that we do not currently have access to these numbers, we are confident that this is the case. Even though we do not have these numbers, we are still able to speculate that the game was a success. The first week that Hogwarts Legacy was available for purchase in the United Kingdom, it easily outsold other popular games such as Dead Space and God of War Ragnarok. Hogwarts Legacy was the best-selling physical game in the United Kingdom. Where does this fall within the larger narrative of the Elden Ring? According to the calculations carried out by GamesIndustry. biz, during the first week of sales, Hogwarts Legacy was able to sell an astounding 80 percentage point more physical copies than Elden Ring did. In addition to this, the PlayStation 5 version of Hogwarts Legacy accounted for 82% of all physical edition sales. This is most likely due to the fact that owners of the PlayStation 5 receive an exclusive quest known as the lucky muggles. Even if it is an early record to beat, it is still a significant one even though it has already been broken.

Despite the fact that it has been broken, it is still a significant one. Elden Ring was the FromSoftware title that sold the most copies in the shortest amount of time all over the world, including in the United Kingdom, at the time of the game's initial release. In the calculations that were presented earlier, only the physical versions of Hogwarts Legacy and Elden Ring were taken into account, as was mentioned earlier. Both of these games can be purchased digitally, and according to gaming websites such as PCGamesN, the digital version of Hogwarts Legacy is just as popular as the physical copy. In point of fact, the game was such a huge success on Steam that it is now one of the best-selling products on that digital distribution platform, ranking first, second, third, and fourth respectively in terms of total number of sales. This is reportedly the result of WB Games selling early access standard, launch day standard, early access deluxe, and launch day deluxe copies of the game, as stated by PCGamesN. It might sound like the result of using the Confundus Charm on our brains, but in reality, it's the result of selling these copies of the book.

Even before it was made available to the general public, it was already abundantly clear that Hogwarts Legacy would be an enormous financial success. According to Forbes, a good month before Hogwarts Legacy was released, the game was the best-selling pre-order on Steam and PlayStation, and it was the second-highest top-selling game on Xbox. This was the case even though it was the third installment in the Hogwarts series. Sony is the owner of both Steam and the PlayStation consoles. In addition to this, the game quickly rose to the top of the concurrent user charts on Steam (even while it was still in the pre-release phase of Early Access). It is evident that a good number of people have been patiently waiting for the opportunity to take part in this game; however, the days, weeks, and months that are to come will probably reveal the truth. Will the slightly more positive critical reception that Hogwarts Legacy has received hook gamers who were on the fence about the title either as a result of the controversy that surrounded it or the gameplay itself? Because the game is not yet available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Switch, this may end up being a significant factor in its long-term success (especially if the versions for consoles from previous generations run smoothly).


Even though the first week of Hogwarts Legacy was profitable, it is impossible to predict whether or not that trend will continue in the weeks and months to come


- We will have to find out the answer to the more important question, which is whether or not the game can continue to outsell Elden Ring's sales milestones

- After all, Elden Ring has already sold 17

- 5 million copies as of November 2022, and thanks to Elden Ring's performance at The Game Awards, those numbers are only going to continue to rise

- In fact, Elden Ring is on track to become the first video game ever to reach this milestone

- In spite of the fact that this is a challenging task for Hogwarts Legacy, the video game is already making significant headway toward accomplishing this goal 


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